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Stickmen artists required!

Stickheads are currently looking for talented stickmen artists to have their art and comics shown online.. If you would like to draw comics/art for stickheads then please contact us on the contact us page here.


Stick Heads has Arrived!

Welcome to, the place for all your stickmen needs! We have comics, images, competitions and visitors artwork! If you like this site please feel free to link to us, you never know, we might link back to you :P We are always grateful of the help to get out and about on the world wide web.

We are always looking for new ideas, if you would like to suggest an idea for please feel free to contact us on the contact form above! Thanks,


So Whats This All About!

Well Dan and myself (Chris) got bored of looking around the web for funny pictures. We thought we would make a site that was devoted all about stickmen! they are great you can do anything with stickmen!

We are aiming to provide visitors with funny content that can be sent around the net, send postcards to friends or submit your own stickmen storys or images. An example of this can be found below..

A Spot Of DIY

Latest Comic

Latest Comic - kids eh?
is god...

10 Recent Comics

- is god...
- Freezing Cold
- Better
- Footy
- Huge Cock
- Wrong branch
- Walkies
- Bonfire
- The Crafty One
- I'm a Vampire

Latest Short

Latest Short - A disgusting comic, but in a good way!

10 Recent Shorts

- Hostel
- Taming Crow
- The Stag
- Inversion
- Fourth Posture
- Inverted Embrace
- Pair Of Tongs
- Widely Opened
- Pull Yourself Together
- Long Face


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